Plainfield Garden Club

2013-11-20 Business Meeting & Lecture on New Jersey Bats

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by Tucker Trimble

Barbara Sandford

When I joined the Plainfield Garden Club in 1993 Barbara Sandford was already a living legend. Thanks to the loving care and technological knowledge of Susan Fraser, we all can see how her well-lived life impacted not only our Garden Club but also our town, State and Country. Two personal memories stand out in my mind.

At one of my earliest Flower Shows held at the Crescent Avenue Church, it was my duty to Clerk for the outside Judges. We all know how stressful flower shows can be and this time was no exception. The judges were already in the middle of their hallowed consultations when the door opened and in walked Barbara, arrangement in hand. She plopped it on a pedestal, said something about being late, and walked out. No entry card, no passing of the entry. I was starting to say something, anything, when a judge whispered "That was Barbara Sandford". Needless to say, her entry was judged and received an award. This is the only time in all my judging experience that an entry was accepted after the time-frame allowed.

In the year 2000, as President of the Club, I attended the Annual Meeting in Cleveland, Ohio. At the last minute our Delegate could not attend and Barbara very graciously agreed to go so that our Club would have proper representation. We roomed together and had a ball. Every evening she would call Victor King and they would chat for almost half and hour, talking about their days. In those years she and Victor would have dinner together every day. After one call I asked "Barbara are you going to marry him?" and she snorted at me "Tucker, would you want to marry someone who is almost 90 years old?"

Many of us here have been to Annual Meetings and know how all the stops are pulled out at the Awards Dinner, which ends the meeting. That time was no exception. We walked up the curving broad stairs of the Union Club in Cleveland, and Barbara recounted to me an earlier memory which had taken place there. She and her father had used those same stairs when she made her debut there almost 63 years earlier, and Scots pipers had lined the stairs and played as they passed. Barbara told me that night Webster Sandford was also in attendance and well the rest is history.

Barbara leaves a rich memory for our Club. Her memorial service this past weekend was inspiring hearing about her life and the choices and decisions she made. Hers was always the first hand up when something needed to be done. For years she attended the NAL meeting in Washington DC, at her own expense, so we could keep track of what was happening on the national Conservation front.

Barbara's daughter Cindy said something on Saturday that resonated with me. She said that when her husband died, Barbara was still very much "Mrs. Webster Sandford", after the formal conventions of that day. But somewhere along the line, she became for all of us Barbara Sandford.

Respectfully submitted,
Tucker Trimble

Barbara's Books

The Sanford girls donated two large and very heavy boxes of books to the Club. Members were encouraged to select books for their personal libraries. Left-over books would be donated to the Plainfield Library.

While sorting through Barbara's books, this one was discovered . . .

Garden Irises
Published by The American Iris Society

To better see the Iris photo and read both Harriette's version of the article and the Editor's version of the article Click Here

And by chance the front cover was flipped to reveal this dedication

Yes, the Club once kept its own archives and they were carted from house to house every other decade.

But better still, there was a letter taped to the back of the book by Harriette

It reads: This envelope contains an exact copy of the article which was sent to the Editor who had insisted that I write it.

Harriette Halloway

Within the envelope is a three-page article that evidently was edited before being included in the book. And Harriette wasn't pleased. She wrote by hand: Written - on deceased of Editor for "Garden Irises" Changed by "Acting" Editor.

Hmm. Anyway, there is a nice photo of the Cedar Brook Iris and accompanying article, which Harriette once again wrote in the margin of the book "I did not write this article. Harriette Halloway"

First page of the article which "Harriette Did Not Write"

To read all about Harriette's drama with this book and to learn about the Very Correct Harriette, click here.

A rare photo of the FAMOUS Cedar Brook Iris Garden created by Miss Halloway

Group assembles in the Anne Louise Davis Room at Plainfield Library

This lovely room was named for Anne Louise Davis, sister-in-law to Dorothy Campbell Davis '60 There is a beautiful oil of Anne that hangs in this room painted by PGC member Mrs. Frederick G. (Geraldine de M. Goutiere) Acomb '62

Kathy Andrews gives her Conservation and NAL report

Library Photography Show

The entries for the recent Photography Show were displayed on the room's walls. Here is a "stylized" photograph of the Pergola at the Shakespeare Garden.

Mary, Tucker & Peter

Got Bats?

Important Facts About Bats

Bats: Denizens of the Night

Opening photo in Mackenzie Hall's Powerpoint. To learn more about bats and how to protect them, visit Conserve Wildlife New Jersey

Mackenzie Hall

Bat Facts

Oh! The HORROR of low pressure zones created by these windmills!!

#1 Killer of Bats

White Nose Syndrome

#2 Killer of Bats

Bat hanging in window -- between panes and storm window

Sent into Mackenzie from a homeowner that reported the bat only lived there a few weeks.

Bat House Raffled!

And the winner is Pam O'Toole!

Read: This is Why We Should All Love Bats and see some amazing Bats!

Give them a chance, you guys. They just want to eat all the bugs and pollinate tequila plants.

Please Donate to the New Jersey Growing Fund

Janet, our New Jersey Committee Chairman, passed out the annual brochures to contribute to the New Jersey Committee. Please CLICK HERE for further information and to download the form.

Meeting Minutes from Recording Secretary Susan Lorentzen

Meeting was called to order at 10am.

Tucker read a beautiful memorial to Barbara Sanford.
Susan Fraser said that Barbara donated many of her books to the Plainfield Library. Those books were placed on a table in the room where the our meeting was held and for all of us to look through.

We voted to dispense of the reading of September's minutes.

Treasurer's Report will be on the website for your review.

There have been 7 donations in Barbara Sanford's memory. Phyllis read a few letters which were sent along with a donation. At the last Executive Board Meeting there was discussion on how the PGC should remember Barbara Sanford. The following were suggested:

l. donation to Scenic America
2. donation to the Redwoods
3. Tree planted in Shakespeare Garden. Suggested a tree be
moved from her home to the garden.

Shakespeare Garden - Mandy thanked everyone for their hard work this past spring/summer and fall. The Garden has never looked better.

Christmas party - December 12 in Mandy's garage. We need more volunteers to help Mandy with food, bring greens, etc. Please visit website for more information.

Mandy would like to spend more money next year on plants, so we can use less mulch.

June 1, 2014 is the Plainfield Symphony Garden Tour.

Conservation. NAL Meeting in Washington is scheduled for February 24-27, 2014. Kathy Andrews and Gail Sloan will be attending.

Floral Design - March 18, 2014 we will be holding an in-house flower show. There will be 3 classes, 4 entries in each. The subject will be leaf manipulation. There will be a workshop at Tucker's home on Wed., Jan 22nd, 2014.

Tucker suggested we draw names for a partner to work on an entry together.

Zone IV Meeting will be held in Englewood on June 17 & 18, 2014. Plainfield Garden Club will need to submit 2 entries into the flower show. There will also be a Photography Show at the Zone Meeting.

Horticulture - Sally suggested we all dig up our dahlias that we planted last spring or they will not survive the winter.

NJ Committee - Janet reminded us that we are working with Morristown Garden Club for the next NJ Committee Luncheon/Speaker on October 2nd, 2014. Does anyone have a suggestion for a speaker? Also, she will be sending out the Growing Fund donation forms shortly.

Meeting Adjourned at 10:50am.

Submitted by Susan Lorentzen

President's Agenda

1. Call to Order

2. Thank you to Program Chairs Mandy & Lorraine for the lovely coffee and planning of the event.

3. Thank you to the Hostesses: Brenda, Jeanne, and Sally for lending helpful hands.

4. Thank you to Plainfield Librarian Sarah Hull for putting out four of our scrapbooks for us to peek at during meeting intervals.

5. Minutes from the last meeting 9-11-13 were dispensed.

6. Introduction of the tradition of reading a Member Memorial when a member has passed away. Tucker Trimble was asked to write the memorial for Barbara Tracy Sandford '50. She asked everyone to rise as it tradition.

7. Treasurer Pam O'Toole. Announced that the balance of our accounts will be posted in the online report of the meeting. Pam read the names and the amounts of the donations given in memory of Barbara Sandford Tracy.

Operating = $12,831.06
Community = $ 2,906.50
CD = $ 4,647.03
Money market = $ 7,172.60

8. Corresponding Secretary Phyllis Alexander read three letters that accompanied donations. She informed the membership that thank you letters will be sent to each as well as a list of donors and amounts received to the Sandford family.

9. Shakespeare Garden co-Chair Mandy Zachariades thanked everyone for a stellar year in the Garden. She said that for 2014 money should be spent and more annuals planted. If a member wishes to MOVE or STAY in their position/retain or abandon Bed Head status they need to inform her immediately. The Garden is on the June 1, 2014 Plainfield Symphony Garden tour.

As Nominting co-Chair Mandy announced that Brenda will be our delegate to the GCA Zone IV June 2014 meeting. See here for guidelines on attendance at this event.

Mandy announced that details for the Christmas Party in her garage on December 12th are well in hand. However, many felt that Mandy is doing too much! Please review the list here and if you can relieve Mandy of one of her many duties, please let Susan know.

Sally is still working out the details of the Boxwood Wreath craft. In particular she is wondering if we should use the standard wire wreath forms, a straw form or a grapevine wreath, which would allow the crafter to expose the vine. Ideas? Contact Sally at

10. Admission & New Member Chair Ginny Dughi – no report

11. Communications Chair Susan Fraser – no report

12. Conservation & Civic Projects Chairman Kathy Andrews gave a report that included the following: Help Protect the Hudson River Palisades Petition and GCA Zone IV Conservation and NAL Report

Kathy (and Brenda, Gail, Nina, Diana and Mary) were thanked for their help in the Hands-to-Nature program.

Kathy announced that she and Gail would be attending the February 24 thru 27, 2014 NAL conference in DC.

13. Floral Design Chairman Tucker Trimble announced the "Leaf Manipulation" workshop to be held at her home January 22nd. To learn more and to RSVP click here.

14. Photography Chairman Marty Dyke was absent. General announcement about the GCA Zone IV June 2014 Flower Show and the requirements of the PGC regarding Photography. Click here to see the show's schedule. Marty to advise the Club of its responsibilities and to arrange for PGC entries.

15. Horticulture co-Chairman Sally Booth encouraged members to subscribe to more gardening magazines to learn the latest on horticulture. A special "thank you" to go out to Sally for arranging the Hard Wood Cutting Propagation Workshop on Monday.

Discussion took place about lifting your 'Gabrielle Marie' Dahlias and storing them for the winter. Sally is thinking of having another show featuring Dahlias next Fall so go out and dig them up!

Running out of time, Sally was unable to discuss her recent attendance at the Shirley Meneice Conference. Please click here to see her photos and read her report.

16. Garden History & Design Chairman Mary Kent read one of the Smithsonian articles on "Secret Gardens." Mary encouraged everyone to make use of our online library or visit to read these reports. They are short and very educational.

17. NJ Committee Chair Janet Burchett explained to members our Club's responsibility to the NJ Committee meeting at the Frelinghuysen in Fall 2014. We are to arranged for a box lunch for attendees; a speaker; and to organize the bulb sale with Brent & Becky's Bulbs. She pleaded for a co-chair (promising to weed that person's garden) and will perhaps require a committee. Looking at the date of October 2, 2014.

Janet also passed out Growing Fund donation forms.

Motion to adjourn the meeting was passed.


Wednesday November 20th
9:30 am - 12 pm

9:30 AM Coffee
10 AM - 11 AM Business Meeting
11 AM - 12 PM Lecture

Mackenzie Hall "Bats of New Jersey"

Location: Plainfield Library, Anne Louise Davis Room

Guests are encouraged and welcomed to attend. The speaker should begin at 11 AM if guests would like to skip our Business Meeting.

Hostesses: Brenda Anderson, Jeanne Turner, Sally Booth

1. Bev Gorman
2. Susan Fraser
3. Pam O'Toole
4. Ginny Dughi
5. Virginia Carroll
6. Sally Booth
7. Patty Bradshaw
8. Jeanne Turner
9. Phyllis Alexander
10. Brenda Anderson
11. Mary Kent
12. Tucker Trimble
13. Kathy Andrews
14. Kathy's Guest: Julie Downing
15. Janet Burchett
16. Janet's Guest: Marjorie Chodburry
17. Lorraine Ciemniecki
18. Mandy Zachariades
19. Susan Lorentzen

Unable to Attend: Patti Dunstan, Gail Sloan, Marty Dyke, Barbara Peek, Tim Kirby, Diana Madsen, Christine Kamil, Nina Weil, Lauren Shepard, Carroll Keating, Peter Simone, Ramona Ferguson, Bernadette Neill