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2013-10-16 Cocktails & Lecture "Gardens of the Jazz Age" by Jenny Rose Carey

Photo by Ted Turner

He writes, "What a beautiful bunch of people!"

Photo by Ted Turner

Lan, Marty, Lorraine, Jeanne, Susan

Photo by Ted Turner

Lan, facing left, Susan

Photo by Ted Turner

Maryella and Gail

Photo by Ted Turner

Mandy, Diana, Susanne

Photo by Ted Turner

Telly, Kate and Bernadette

Photo by Ted Turner

Virginia and Jeanne

Background: Maryella, Gail, Ricky, David, Elaine, Carter, Sally & Kathy

Photo by Ted Turner

Maryella and Gail
Background: Alan, David and Elaine

Photo by Ted Turner

Lorraine, Mandy, Janet, Susan, Lan and Patti

Photo by Ted Turner

Lorraine, Mandy, Janet, Susan, Lan and Patti

Photo by Ted Turner

Janet, Susan, Patti, Lan, Ginny, Marty, Julie and Kathy

Photo by Ted Turner

David, Diana and Ramona

Photo by Ted Turner

Julie and Martie

Photo by Ted Turner

David, Carter, Sally, Kate, Bernadette, Peter, Kathy, Marty and Ginny

Photo by Ted Turner

Tim, Martie, Diana, Ramona, David
Background: Susanne, Pam

Photo by Ted Turner

Kathy & Julie

Photo by Ted Turner

Elaine, Alan and Virginia

Photo by Ted Turner

Brenda, Paul and Liz

Photo by Ted Turner

Sally & Carter
Background: Bernadette and Kate

Photo by Ted Turner

Ricky, Alan, Diana, Ramona, Mary, Pam, Susanne

Photo by Ted Turner

Ramona & Mary
Background: Mandy, Elaine, Pam

Photo by Ted Turner

Tim, Chris, Ramona and David

Photo by Ted Turner

Peter, Ricky and Christine

Christine & Peter

Mandy in the background

Paul, Telly & Tim

Tim & Mandy



Tim, Christine & Peter

Alan & Mandy

Alan & Mandy

Ramona & David

Diana, Susanne & Pam

Susan & Diana

The two gals from MO

Susan, Mary, Alan & Mandy

Jeanne & Virginia

Maryella & Gail

Marty, Julie & Kathy

Lan, Patti, Janet & Lorraine


Mary & Mandy

Telly, Carter, Sally, Kate & Bernadette

Liz & Elaine

Brenda & Paul

Martie & Mary

Mandy, the PGC Program Chair

introduces our National Chair of Garden History & Design, Mary Kent


The crowd

Mary stands with Jenny Rose Carey

Mary Kent, Garden Club of America National Chair of Garden History & Design

introduces Jenny Rose Carey


Jenny Rose Carey

"We seem to think that whether a man has a garden or not is a mere incident, or simply a matter of taste."

Carter & Jenny Rose Carey

Coincidence Strikes Again

When showing gardens of the 1920's – Jenny Rose Carey had included a photo of Burnley Farm, Fanwood, New Jersey, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Harding.

A murmur arose in the crowd. It seemed Jenny did not know much about Alice – other than she wrote a book on Peonies – and had no idea where Fanwood was located.

This is a photo never before seen by the membership. We vowed again to hike through Fanwood to find the remains of Burnley Farm.

Read more: Alice Howard Harding '15

Photo by Ted Turner

Mrs. Harding's garden in Fanwood.

Beautiful Gardens of America by Louise Shelton

When asked where perhaps Jenny found the photo of Alice's garden, she thought it may have been from this book. However, the book is on line and under "New Jersey" there is no listing for Alice.

However there are beautiful photographs of the legendary Blairsden, which Ginny informed us last week will be open for garden tours Spring 2014:

October 6, 2013

Ginny writes: PGC may be interested in seeing the gardens at the Blairsden Mansion. Save the date! Ginny Blairsden estate's mystique soon to be unveiled

The flavor of the Jazz Age

In addition to the quintessential novel of the Jazz Age, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fizgerald, Jenny recommended reading Devil in the White City by Erik Larson

Edith Hyde Colby

Earlier this year when Baz Luhrmann's new move Gatsby came out starring Leonardo DiCaprio as Gatsby, we had a walk down memory lane to a trip the Club once took out to Long Island to see what inspired F. Scott Fitzgerald to write The Great Gatsby. See here

It has been written that Fitzgerald was inspired to write about the legendary Long Island wealth after he was invited to a few parties through his editor at Scribner's – Plainfield's own Max Perkins. In fact, Baz credited Max for his influence over the entire story of Gatsby by naming a building after him in the opening scenes of the film.

The woman pictured above is the daughter of our own Mrs. Hyde and she is the very picture of the Jazz Age – she lived on an estate in Long Island on Gin Lane. Prohibition didn't really exist for this set – although there is a dispute over the name. Some think it refers to the alcohol smuggling that happened there during Prohibition. Others say "gin" is the definition for an animal pen that was once there.

Photo by Ted Turner

Photo by Ted Turner

Jenny Rose Carey's personal heroine.

Speaker Table Flower Arrangement by Patti Dunstan

October 17, 2013 Jenny Rose Carey Visits the Shakespeare Garden

Standing in front of Mary's section.
Photo by Mandy Zachariades

Read Jenny's blog:

Handout titled "Gardens of the Jazz Age" by Jenny Rose Carey

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Jenny Rose Carey

Meeting Details

Wednesday, October 16th
6 pm - 8:30 pm
Jenny Rose Carey "Gardens of the Jazz Age"

In this light-hearted, yet serious lecture, Jenny Rose Carey, Director of the Ambler Arboretum at Temple University and a member of the Garden Club of Philadelphia, investigates the fascinating Gardens of the Jazz Age. Using images from magazines, books and Glass Lantern Slides from the Archives of American Gardens at the Smithsonian, she weaves garden history, design, social history and women's history into a tale of the times. At it's height in the 1920's, the Jazz Age was known for music, dancing, liberation and fun. Influences from Europe and America's own garden past combine to produce some of the most creative and opulent gardens in American Garden History. Gardens, like art and music reflect their time of creation.

Jenny Rose Carey
Ambler Arboretum
Temple University
580 Meetinghouse Road
Ambler, PA 19002

Location: Plainfield Country Club
Cocktail Party

NOTE: There will be no business meeting.

Business casual (men collared shirts; jackets & ties not required); no denim; please refrain from using your cell phones unless it is to take photos.

$30 per person. Checks to be made out to "Plainfield Garden Club" and sent c/o Mandy Zachariades, 436 Hillside Avenue, Westfield, NJ 07090

Hostesses: Bernadette Neill, Diana Madsen & Patti Dunstan

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39. Martie Weldon

Unable to Attend:
Tucker Trimble, Nina Weil, Lauren Shepard, Bev Gorman, Barbara Peek, Phyllis Alexander, Susan Lorentzen