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Library of Articles: Garden History & Design

Smithstonian Instution

A Garden History & Design Minute from the Archives of American Gardens (AAG)

The Garden Club of America Collection at the Archives of American Gardens includes thousands of images that showcase garden ornaments and structures. Accurate and descriptive image captions are the most important means of identifying these garden features for the benefit of future researchers. What is evident to us today may not be to someone a century from now!

Some terms have been used interchangeably for similar, though different, garden features. Providing the proper term in the documentation aids AAG staff in cataloging the images correctly and helps preserve our garden heritage.

This is a Library of the articles sent from the Smithsonian to GCA-member clubs.

May 2014 Rhythm in the Garden

April 2014 Mystery Gardens

March 2014 Weathervanes

January 2013 Eight Digital Commandments

November 2013 Secret Gardens: Private Gardens of Paradise

August 2013 Follies

July 2013 Mazes

June 2013 Council Rings

May 2013 Armillary

April 2013 Finding Gold in the Attic

March 2013 Copyright Permission

February 2013 Rills

January 2013 Century of Documenting Gardens

October 2012 Fairy Gardens

September 2012 Physic Gardens

September 2012 Espaliers

July 2012 French terms for the Garden

March 2012 Construction

January 2012 Gnomes!

November 2011 Keep it Real in AAG Photos

October 2011 Pleaching

September 2011 The Good, the Bad, and the Gardening Tools: Getting the Entire Picture

August 2011 Exedra

July 2011 Topiaries

June 2011 The Many-Layered Garden

May 2011 I can use any digital camera to document gardens for the Archives of American Gardens, right? WRONG!

April 2011 Better Photos

March 2011 Why Re-Document a Garden

February 2011 My Garden is in the AAG, Now What?

December 2010 Gardens to Document

December 2010 Gardens NOT to Document

August 2010 Owner Interview

July 2010 Middlegate Garden

July 2010 Patio vs. Terrace

June 2010 Arbor vs. Pergola