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This was obtained from the publication The History of the Plainfield Garden Club 1915 - 1965 by Victoria Furman

This was obtained from the publication The History of the Plainfield Garden Club 1915 - 1965 by Victoria Furman

This was obtained from the publication The History of the Plainfield Garden Club 1915 - 1965 by Victoria Furman

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Peonies in the Garden has a inscription that reads:

To business that we love we rise betime, And go to 't with delight.

Mrs. Harding
13 January 1918

The quote is from Shakespeare,
Antony and Cleopatra: IV, iv

1915 - 1923 List of Meetings

1918 Meeting Minutes

1918 Lecturer

March 20th Mrs. Gilbert "Pres"
April 10th Mrs. J. P. Stevens ??? Mr. Robert Pyle
April 29th Mrs. Dumont Mrs. Harding or "peonies"
May 8th Mrs. Eddy Mrs. Harrison "Pool & Rock Garden"
May 22. Mr. Norman Taylor (Brooklyn Botanic Gardens) "Wild Flowers of N.J."
June 12 Mr. Chas. Totty Madison, N. J. "Chyrsanthemums"
June 27. Dr. Leonard Plainfield

1919 Lecturer

May 9th Mrs. David K. Knowland Mr. Leonard B?? "Getting back to ??"
May 14. Mrs. Dunbar Mrs. Britton Spring Flower Show
May 28. Mrs. Fisk. Mr. ??? Gardens Past & Present
June 11 Kenyon Gardens. Mr. Cook told of the work ??
June 25 Mrs. Laidlaw. Miss Tabor "The ?? and the Garden"
September 24. Mrs. Ivins. Mr. Totty. "Fall Planting"
October 23. Mr. Baynes at Congregational Family House
(Illustrated_ "Wild Birds & How to Attract Them"

Minutes of the Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the Plainfield Garden Club was held at Mrs. Gilbert's, March 20th at half past three o'clock.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved. The Secretary read an account of the year's work, and the treasurer's report, showing a balance of $32.10, which was also accepted.

Mrs. Herring gave an opening address, & Mrs. Hibbard presented the report of the Nominating Committee as follows: For President Mrs. F. O. Herring
Vice-President Mrs. H. N. Stevens
Mrs. J. B. Dumont
Mrs. F. W. Yates
Secretary & Treasurer Mrs. N. H. Morison
Executive Committee Mrs. H. O. Herring
Mrs. N. C. Barnhart
Mrs. W. A. Conner

Motion was carried that the secretary cast one ballot for the entire ticket.

Mrs. Herring made a charming speech of acceptance and Mrs. Warren moved a rising vote of thanks to Mrs. Herring for her work during the past year, and her gracious acceptance of the presidency again.

This season the resignation of Mrs. Ivins was announced, with regret, and also that Mrs. Franics Frost had been elected a member of the club. Plans were discussed for the evening meeting to be held at Mrs. Stevens on April 10th.

Mrs. Harding agreed to give a talk on peonies on April 24th. Motion was carried that only liquid refreshment might be served at meeting. Motion was carried that at the discretion of the Executive Committee one dollar admission might be charged for lecturers, this money to received to be devoted to some patriotic object.

Elizabeth Taliaferro for F. C. A.

Approved April 24th

April 10th 1918

An evening meeting of the Garden Club was held at Mrs. J. P. Stevens on April 10th, to which each member of the club was allowed to bring a guest. Mr. Robert Phyle of West ?? Pa gave an illustrated lecture on "Roses at Home & Abroad." Many beautiful colored pictures were shown, among the most interesting a series taken of an extensive rose garden, outside of Paris, belonging to Monsieur Travereaux.

After the lecture refreshments were served and those present thanked Mrs. Stevens for a very pleasant evening.

Fanny C. Morison, Secy

April 24 1918

A meeting of the Garden Club washeld at the residence of Mrs. Dumont on April 24th. There were 41 members present. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and accepted. The subject of having occasional meetings open to the public was re-discussed. A straw vote showed a large majority opposed to open meetings and it was decided to consider re-seconding the motion in favor of open meetings which was passed at this meeting of the Garden Club on March 25th. It was decided not to issue new booklets this year. The resignation of Mrs. McMillan and Mrs. Zelie were received with regret. Mrs. Pierre Mali and Mrs. Harry McGee were elected to fill the two vacancies. Meetings here-after may be arranged alphabetically. It was decided to continue Mrs. Herring's membership in the Womans Natural Farm & Garden Association and the secretary was instructed to send subscription. The Question of assisting a farm unit during the summer was discussed and a committee will be appointed by Mrs. Herring to decide the matter. It was decided to send flowers during the summer to the Base Hospital at Colonia. Weekly service in charge of a special committee will be arranged.

Mrs. Harding gave a most interesting talk on peonies, after which refreshments were served.
Fanny C. Morison

Approved May 8th

May 8th 1918

On May eighth the Garden Club met at the residence of Mrs. C. B. Eddy.

In the absence of Mrs. Herring, Mrs. Horace Stevens presided, twenty-four members were present. The minutes of the last meeting were read and accepted.

Mrs. Stevens presented a ballot from the Woman's National Farm and Garden Association for election of officers for the coming year. The secretary was instructed to return the ballot as requested to Mrs. Baugo Steward (?) secretary of the association. The question of open meetings was again discussed. Mrs. Foster suggested that members of the club ? it ask the hostess of the occasion for permission to bring a guest, $1 being paid for such privilege. Mrs. Huntington thought the we may ? adopt the plan of the Musical Club and have occasional meetings to where each member might bring a guest.

There being no further business Mr. Harrison gave a very interesting lecture on "Pools and Rock Gardens"

Fanny C. Morison, Sec'y

Accepted May 22nd

May 22nd 1918

On May 22nd the Garden Club met at the residence of Mrs. Mellick. Thirty members were present. Mrs. Herring announced with regret that Mrs. Wilder would not be able to speak to us. Mrs. Wilder sent an invitation to the members of the club to visit her garden near Suffern.

Mrs. Dumont is chairman of the committee to take flowers during June to the Base Hospital at Colonia. Will other ladies please volunteer for the coming wreaths.

There being no further business Mrs. Herring introduced Mr. Norman Taylor of the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. Mr. Taylor gave a most interesting address on "Wild Flower of New Jersey"

Fanny C. Morison

Accepted June 12th

June 12th 1918

The Garden Club met at Miss Van Boskerck's on June 12th. 27 members were present. Minutes of the previous meeting were read and accepted. Mrs. Herring announced that the Kenyon Gardens would like to have gifts of plants. The question of holding a flower show in the fall was discussed. A straw vote showed that most of those present thought that it would take too much time that had better be give to war work.

There being no further business Mrs. Herring introduced Mr. Charles Totty who gave a very interesting and instructive talk on chrysanthemums.

Fanny C. Morison

Accepted June 27th

June 27th 1918

A meeting of the Garden Club was held at Mrs. Ginna's residence on June 27th. Twenty-one members were present. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and accepted.

Mrs. Herring announced that Miss Hyde would have the meeting on the 20th of September and that a dahlia show might be held on that occasion. Exhibitors to be members of the club, and Dr. Leonard. Each member might invite a guest. Further details to be arranged later. There being no further details Mrs. Herring introduced Dr. Leonard who gave an interesting talk on dahlias. The talk proved not only delightful but most instructive and Dr. Leonard having given his afternoon to the club a rising vote of of thanks was given by the members to the speaker for his kindness.

Meeting adjourned.

Fanny C. Morison, Secy

Approved July 17th

July 17, 1918

A meeting of the Garden Club was held at Mrs. Conners July 17th. Fourteen members present. As it was a showery afternoon the meeting took place in the charming drawing room instead of Mrs. Conner's delightful garden. After the minutes of the previous meeting were accepted Mrs. Herring said that there were many matters of interest to the club which could be discussed in an informal way as we had no lecturer. The first matter was the sending of jelly to the Fruit and Flower Mission. A motion was then passed that each member of the club be asked to give two glasses, or more, to the Mission Mrs. Stillman volunteered to cook after the collection & carrying of the jelly. The President spoke of the meeting at Miss Hyde's on Sept. 20th and asked that five dahlias in flower be sent. Mrs. Herring spoke of the advisability of engaging Mr. Ernest Bayers (?) for out October meeting. The price being high it was questionable whether we had better spend a large sum ? the lecture were given for the benefit of the Red Cross. It was then decided to have an August meeting.

Mrs. Herring talked of the advisability of suspending the meetings of the club until the end of the war unless we could do some practical war work. This thought to be kept a the weeds ? of our members until the closing autumn meeting.

A motion was passed that a committee be appointed to take flowers to the hospital until the return of Mrs. Rushmore who has the matter usually in charge the suggested was made that each member having vegetables can ? her more garden showed seed? ? to the Day Nursery. Mrs. Degraff asked for roots & shrubs for the Kenyon Gardens and spoke of the sale of vegetables there during the summer. An appeal was made for extra gifts for the Needlework Quilt & Mrs. Herring askef ro ? old shirts to be made into childrens dresses for the Belgians by a committee at her own house. The meeting then adjourned.

Fanny C. Morison Secy

Accepted Sept 20

September 11th 1918

On Sept. 11th the Garden Club met at Mrs. Stillman's. Minutes of the last meeting were read and accepted. Announcement was made tha the Executive Committee had decided to discontinue the club membership in the Woman's Farm & Garden Association. The Club was then reminded that the next meeting would be a Flower Show at the residence of Miss Helen Hyde, and that each member was requested to bring specimen flowers in containers. Motion was carried that the ? meeting showed be our last until called together again by the Executive Committee. Mrs. Herring gave an interesting account of her visits to the Base Hospital at Colonia where she carried over flowers for the sick and wounded, always in the name of the Garden Club. Mrs. Van Boskerck suggested that cuttings & shrubbery be donated to relieve the barren appearance of the camps near here Motion was carried that Mrs. Herring should appoint a committee to work with her in making gifts of flowers and plants to Hospitals and camps. There being no further business the meeting adjourned.

Fanny C. Morison Sec'y

September 25th 1918

An unusually interesting meeting of the Garden Club was held a Miss Hyde's on September 20th. Twenty-five members were present also many guests invited to enjoy our exhibition of Dahlias. Mrs. Herring opened the meeting and described her visits to the Base Hospital at Colonia, carrying gifts to the soldiers, she also told of taking gifts of flowers to the Public Library.

A motion was carried to thank Mrs. Herring for her work at the Hospital and to ask her to continue her visits there during the winter.

A discussion as to methods of growing Dahlias followed.

The meeting was adjourned as early one was anxious to see the lovely flowers displayed in Miss Hyde's new garden.

Among the exhibits greatly admired were Mrs. Herring's hers showing the greatest variety.

Mrs. Barrows had ? very fine dahlias and there sent by Mrs. Fisk. Mrs. Mellick, Mrs. Connor & Mrs. Dumont were very beautiful and gave pleasure to everyone present.

After enjoying the flowers we were invited into the dining room were delicious refreshments were served and it was generally felt that this our final meeting was one of the pleasantest of the season.

Fanny C. Morison

Approved November ??

A discussion was held on what would be good work for out Club in the line of "Town Improvement" it was thought to begin with the care of the City Park would be a step in the right direction.

The President will appoint a committee to have the matter in charge. Mrs. Herring spoke of the growth of the work at Raritan, of man of her experiences there, the summer house is completed and furnished. Mrs. Mead has given four large wicker chairs (from the Y.W. C. A. building that is being dismantled at ? Camp) for the use of the convalescing soldiers in the summer house. The Secretary was instructed to send a note of thanks to Mrs. Mead. Committees were appointed for the Flower Show to be held on September 20th.

Mrs. Barrowe Chairman of ??angement of Entries
Mrs. Mellick on same Committee
Mrs. Warren Chairman of Decorating Committee
Mrs. Conner Chairman of Tables for Exhibits
Mrs. Otterson Publicity Chairman
Mrs. Herring said she would ask Dr. Leonard assist in the Classification of Exhibits.

Elizabeth A. Stillman

1919 Meeting Minutes

1919 Meeting Minutes

For 1918

The Annual report read March 26th 1919

There is much that is interesting to tell of the Garden Club work during the past year.

The first lecture was given at the evening meeting at Mrs. John P. Stevens on April 10th where Mr. Robert Taylor gave an illustrated lecture on "Roses"

At Mrs. Eddy's meeting Mr. Harrison told us about "Pools and Rock Gardening" and Mr. Norman Taylor was delightful in his talk on "Wild Flowers of New Jersey," at the May meeting at Mrs. Mellicks.

Then we had Dr. Leonard on Dahlias. Mrs. Harding on "Peonies," and Mr. Toty on "Chrysanthemums."

Our final meeting was at Miss Helen Hydes where we had a very creditable Dahlia show. Mrs. Herring, Mrs. Barrowe, Mrs. Fisk, Mrs. Mellick and Mrs. Dumont sent very beautiful specimens.

It is pleasant to feel that our Club has done some ?? contribute only the pleasure of its members. Through ?? activity of our President, Mrs. Herring, the soldiers of the Base Hospital at Colonia have received many gifts in the name of the Plainfield Garden Club.

Mrs. Herring, assisted by members of the . . . .

1920 Meeting Minutes

Base Hospital at Colonia

The meeting minutes of 1918 & 1919 reference the Club's volunteer efforts at the Base Hospital at Colonia. In particular, Mrs. Frank Otis (Henrietta or "Etta" B.) Herring, President of the Club from 1915 - 1921.

Here is some history on the Hospital: Colonia's WWI Hospital by Virginia Bergen Troeger

6 Films from the 1918 - 1940 era

One film shows the Base Hospital at Colonia which was only open 1918 to 1919 for 15 months. Woman in the film may be founding member Mrs. Herring.

1915 - 1918 Meeting Minutes